Steel Frame Panelized Building Systems Structure Of The Future

Philosophy and Background

The Beginning

Component Housing Systems,USA, Inc.(“CHS-USA”)was created and began engineering its manufacture of ‘Green technology buildings in 1980‘s. With an extensive construction history stemming back to 1959, Mr. Tony Borges, our founder, President is a visionary who has been driven by innovation.  He has successfully maintained construction practices from building aerospace, freeways/highways, schools, parks, hotels, housing communities, and any edifice that the community required. Due to this innovative method of construction he created, many jobs are created, income is earned, the homeless are sheltered and communities have attained their economic strength, growth, vibrancy and re-vitalization.

The Present

Today, CHS-USA continues to provide the industry with an almost unlimited number of metal building products and services. It has the capabilities of a leading industrial supplier and the service levels of an autonomous facility. It has the professional affiliations with the fifty plus years of experienced and talented individuals. Because of the increasing complex nature of construction-related matters, such as site selection, code compliance, scheduling, coordination of subcontractors, and quality control of the completed product. CHS-USA believes the best return on the client‘s investment is achieved by working with a professional builder. New superior products to produce and sell translate into greater opportunities and growth for CHS-USA, and is an obvious advantage. Anytime additional products are offered it creates additional selling features that a customer might desire. CHS-USA understands that the more its Builders succeed, the more CHS will succeed. It is indeed a “Team Effort.”

The Future

Component Housing Systems,USA, Inc., future has never been brighter. Component Housing Systems, USA, Inc. philosophy is “Real People…Real Products…Real Solutions!” As the theme implies: CHS-USA is only as good as its people, its manufactured products and our collective solutions we bring to our clients. This is a vision of success and a focus to continuously improve our business. The future of Component Housing Systems, USA, Inc. is more exciting each year. Come meet the people, see the products and be a part of the solution.





To become the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing affordable, ecological steel frame panelized houses and buildings that advances durable and sustainable technology.



Commercial Homeless Shelters Medical School & Residential
Green & Energy Efficient Technology
Federal Government Contractor
DSA Approved


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